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Mortgage rates March 2011 GTA

Current mortgage rate you can get from a mortgage broker

Variable 5 year closed 2.2%—2.5%
1 year — 2.44%
2 year — 2.99%
3 year — 2.90%
4 year — 3.79%
5 year — 3.64%

Mortgage rate to change without notice.

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Do you need a mortgage and home insurance?

Almost everyone who wishes to purchase their first real estate property needs a mortgage. If you have the cash great, you will not need a mortgage and may not get house insurance; but not getting house insurance will keep you up at night. What will happen to the biggest asset in case of a house fire, a house insurance will cover the cost of (fires, floods, etc). Be wise and protect yourself and your biggest asset get house insurance. Banks require you to get an insurance before you close on your property in order for them to give you the mortgage. Be smart get the right amount of insurance for the right amount of mortgage and the value of the property.

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2011 and 2012 Real Estate forcast for Ontario Canada

Predictions are set that in 2011 and 2012 house prices will only jump up by 2-3% as oppose to 2010 which had about 5% increase.
The banks are rumored that an increase might happen four times in the next 2 years, let’s hang on to see what will happen.
We are experiencing multiple offer situations in the early 2011, will the spring continue to show a strong sellers market? we will find out…

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Greater Toronto Statistics February 2011

Year to date we are 14% less in sales.
The year to date selling average price is up 5%
Average days on market went up by 23%

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