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Greater Toronto Area Real Estate Sales Statistics Summarized – February 2010

These Stats Are Compared to February 2009:

Active Listings –> 32% LESS

Monthly Sold –> 77% MORE

Year To Date Sold –> 81% MORE

Year To Date Average Selling Price –> 19% MORE

Sold Price To List Price –> 4% MORE

Average Days On Market –> 51% LESS

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  1. David O. Said,

    Thanks, this is great information. its good to see the housing marketing starting to turnaround.

  2. mostafa Said,

    Great .. thanks for that article

  3. ricky Said,

    good article, if the house market dont turn around then economy in big trouble but glad to see positive signs

  4. fl Studio Sounds Said,

    thanks for this article, i will forward this blog to my real estate friend, this has some great info in it

  5. Frank Said,

    Good to see the housing marketing starting to turnaround.

  6. Uri Said,

    Great job.Thanks for your post.It’s very useful for me. Thanks a lot.

  7. Susan Summer Said,

    Wonderful statistics!
    Thanks for providing real estate sales summery.

  8. Eddie Said,

    This is a good estate sales summery for february 2010 but , i’m really curious how is the summery for february 2011. Please post it if you have it.

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