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Gta’s housing inventory is low of good homes and buyers are looking and…

In the greater Toronto area, the demand for housing is high. The inventory is low, well at least with good houses, let me explain. If there are 10 houses for sale in a specific area 3 house are good houses, meaning they are priced at market value and are valued what the vendors are asking for. The other 7 are either over priced or just in too of a bad shape to sell it for the asking price and the vendors don’t realize it. It is a shock to first time buyers but good homes sell for close to asking price with in 1-5 days on the market, so do youself a favour and get yourself an agent and don’t miss out, before the good ones are gone. If a house goes on the market go out and see it the same day, if you like it put an reasonable offer the same day and don’t insult the vendor with a low ball offer.


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  1. Freddie Said,

    Well, if a person is really looking for a new home or about to transfer and live in Toronto, we can all say that the housing inventory is definitely low simply because this place is in demand. Toronto area provides several great houses however; most of it are already occupied because overpriced or are offered with not a very normal pricing. But in case you are eager to live in Toronto and needs some loan modification, I think our team can help you out. You may visit our site for more info.

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  4. Stacey Said,

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  5. La Jolla Real Estate Said,

    The same holds true in San Diego. Particularly the foreclosure properties are intentionally priced below market value by the banks, with the express intent of selling the properties in as little time as possible. Rarely to the banks get their pricing wrong, so most of the foreclosures attract multiple offers in the first few days, and the properties sell above list price.

  6. Stephany Said,

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