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Open House Anyone? Are you ready to buy?

What is everyone’s though on open houses?
Do the people that come to the open houses are they the nosy neighbors?
Are the people going to open houses serious about buying?
If you ask me, if I want to buy a house I go to an agent, what are the chances going to an open house and it beign the one you will buy? Come on realistically slim.
From what I noticed either people are sent by their lazy agents to open houses, because they don’t feel like showing homes which have open houses schedules, or its people that are in the “maybe” stage of thinking to buy a house. Now don’t get me wrong there is cases that people walked into a home fell in love with it, put an offer and purchased that home, but it doesn’t happen that often.
What are your though?

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  1. Tnomeralc Web Design Toys Said,

    sound interesting . I gonna think about it thank youfor sharing.

  2. yuba city homes for sale Said,

    i am really planning to buy one open house. Need your Suggestions.

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