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Spring is here, real estate boom is up

Since spring has hit us with nice weather, people are out there and shopping for homes. Although it is mostly first time buyers, it is still a good market as we speak. Hot areas are still hot even with this recession (which a lot say it is curving back up to a flat level) people are still buying and even producing multiple offers in hot areas. What is one to do? Shop around, if you can afford a hot area then fight for the house, if you are a first time buyer take advantage of the market go to a cooler area and negotiate the deal with your real estate agent, because you never know some people MUST sell. Now with that said, be reasonable if your agent says the house is worth 10-20K less don’t throw in an offer 60K less, that is unreasonable, yes the agent is there to make the sale but he/she will educate you as the buyer to what the home is really worth, get a good agent and listen to them. You may read and watch the market daily, but you agent has all the tools and experience with what the value you pay should be, accordingly. Be good and shop smart.

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