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Canadian Real Estate Market Update March 4 2009

As a real estate agent in the gta I find that more and more first time buyers are calling. Not too many people calling me to seel their house if they have too much equity in their home, why you ask? A lot of people that have that equity sitting in their home believe we are going to come back to 2007 and have the prices boom straigh up. I personally think they are smart for waiting and not selling at the moment but they don’t realize one thing. If you want to buy a bigger home, then sell your home now. If you lose 10% on your current home then you will get 10% off on a more expensive home, people don’t realize this that they can actually save some money now. Unlike people who want to down size waiting is the key.
Now a lot of people ask me what will happen in 6 to 12 months, no one has the answer, to me the rest of the year will go as started so far, the real estate has taken a curve downward. It good for first time buyers but for people who want to down size it is not time to sell. Use common sense when planning you can take this recession to your advantage. Use the real estate curve to you advantage.

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