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Why should I do a home inspection?

home inspection
Every time you buy new or used real estate, it is a good idea for a qualified inspection to take a look at all possibilities of something being wrong with the property. From wiring of electrical components to water drains and plumbing, lead pipes to copper and pvc pipes. It is important that you get the qualified experts advice on any problem the potential property may face.
When buying a new property, do a home inspection as well, some may ask why, its a brand new home. The answer to this is that most homes now are build on sub divisions, making them have less quality and time put into them. Most workers on sub divisions are paid by the job or by the piece, the more they do the more they get paid. A lot of new homes face problems which the new home owner wouldn’t pick up on his/her own. Simple problems like reverse wiring to outlets, electrical panel issues, plumbing draining going upwards instead of down wards, you get the idea.
For used homes, people are generally too excited to find problems themselves when buying the property there is too much excitement and emotion. Don’t make this mistake, always book your professional inspection.
Try not to be cheap and get your uncle or neighbor to help you out, an inspection may cost you anywhere from $200-$500 but the inspection can advise you of future problems or even get your price reduction on that home for any problems the home inspector finds.
Be wise and do your inspection on every real estate you buy.

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    March saw that house prices increased for the first time since October 2007, however some are cautioning that investors should not be expect an immediate change in the market as lenders will be increasingly more cautious going forward.

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