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How to Find Short Sales and Foreclosures

Looking to buy some foreclosures or short sales?  Here are some tips that can help with the process. Search the online local government sites to see if there is a lis pendens on the property.  This is usually the first sign that the owner may be heading into foreclosure.   If you locate a property that you may have interest in, you can either mail the owner or actually knock on the door.   Also , there are lists that you sign up for online that send you lists of properties.  Sometimes, garage and furnitures sale being held by private owners are good resources.  If they are preparing the home for the market, whether or not they are having financial difficulty, you will be one up on other buyers.  You might get it for a better price, with no commission being paid.   Also, always remember that a real estate agent is constantly working with sellers that are anxious and motivated to sell.  

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