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Structural Inspections

Your own pre-purchase inspection looks good and you think you’re ready to buy, but you need a professional opinion as well. Structural inspection by a qualified expert is crucial to avoid nasty surprises after the sale.

The structural inspection examines a home from top to bottom: wiring, plumbing, heating/cooling systems, roof, gutters, basement and foundation. All are examined and are the nuts and bolts of the report.

Accompanying the inspector during their job will be an opportunity to locate water shut-off points, fuse panels, and access doors and so on. The report itself will be important in forming a long-term plan for preventative maintenance, and a budget for repair and/or replacement of major appliances and structural components.

This report could form part of your offer to purchase and your RealtorĀ® will have a list of qualified firms who can do the job for you. Their bill for the service is money well spent to insure against disappointment in what may well be the most important purchase of your life.

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