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Inspection Repairs

As a matter of course buyers will commonly add a contingency clause to their offer that allows them to bring in a professional home inspector who will subject the structure and its systems to a thorough inspection.

Defects found in the process will be added to a list of repairs that they will often pass on to you for attention before the sale can go forward. The list may include items that the buyer would like to have done, but which you feel is beyond your responsibility.

The contract usually obligates you to ensure that the home is structurally sound, with all systems, and appliances in working order, but unreasonable demands such a new stove, or replacement of the garage roof may be more than you want to do. You may refuse items of this nature, but risk losing the sale as a result. Your agent will be able to help you judge how far to go in this regard.

Agreed upon repairs should be handled as quickly as possible by licensed, reputable contractors and copies of receipts for work performed passed on to the buyer, so that the sale may proceed.

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