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Home Inspections

Your offer to purchase should always be subject to inspection of the premises by a professional home inspector who is hired by you to present an independent, unbiased opinion of the property’s structural health.

Their inspection should cover all parts of the structure normally accessible, including the roof, gutters, crawl space, attic and built-in cupboards and closets. They should check visible plumbing, electrical and heating system components and include any outside attachments such as patios, decks and the like.

Outside yard areas and fences are included, as well as the garage and any other outbuildings or structure that forms a part of the purchase. The inspection should not alter the structure to allow access and the position of furniture or personal belongings should remain untouched.

The inspection report will offer the inspector’s professional opinion of the property’s structural soundness, but will not include a recommendation for or against purchase, an estimate of repair/renovation costs, or confirm adherence to building code regulations.

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