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Disclaimer Clauses

When you hire a professional inspector to examine a house, you will, in most cases, be asked to sign a document. That document will contain a description of the scope of the inspection and also have a disclaimer that is intended to relieve the inspector and/or his company for any liability if he misses a defect.

Read the description of the scope of the examination and make sure it covers everything you wish checked. There is no point in hiring an inspector largely because you are concerned about hidden dry rot if he does not check for that! Make sure that everything you are specifically concerned with is mentioned as part of the scope of inspection.

The disclaimer clause may indeed protect the Inspection Company if the inspector misses a hidden defect.However, if something obvious was missed, it was part of the stated scope of inspection, and there was clearly negligence on the part of the inspector, it is unlikely that the disclaimer will offer legal protection to the company.

If you wish to claim damages for a missed defect, approach the Inspection Company before you spend money on legal help. The company may be willing to make reparation.

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