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Closing Questions

When you arrive to sign documents it is not uncommon to be a bit nervous. At times you may be dealing with a classic case of “buyers remorse”. Having this remorse is much like having the jitters on your wedding day – they are both uncomfortable feelings, but seem to go with the territory when we make major life decisions.

You may just be tempted to sign everything put in front of you but please take the time to check the accuracy of all details. These papers are frequently filled out under time constraints and it is possible for honest errors to be made in any area. The legal address of your new home may be wrong – or perhaps your name is spelled wrong.

Any errors can usually be sorted out after the fact but that could prove costly. Realize that when you sign these documents you are agreeing to all that they say.

Refer to the advice given in the FAQ “Be Prepared For the Closing” as to how to lessen any anxiety at the document signing. Do not hesitate to ask any questions that you may have about the closing documents.

Now that you are at the final step in acquiring your new home, make sure the details are correct. After all, finding out we mistakenly contracted to buy the wrong house would be like waking up married to the wrong person!

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