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Be Prepared For The Closing

When you close a deal to buy a house you will arrive and a pile of documents will be put in front of you. No matter where in the country you purchase a home there are numerous documents to sign.

The way in which you handle signing these documents is governed by both your past experience and personality. If you are familiar and comfortable with signing complex legal documents, and can read rapidly, you will be comfortable dealing with the closing – you most likely don’t even need to read further here!

If purchasing a home and dealing with documents is new to you, you may want to do some advance preparation. Most of the writing on these documents is standard form (sometimes called boilerplate) and if you want to read all the writing on each page before you sign you will be sitting reading for a long time.

In order to avoid making the signing a lengthy process for all concerned, you can ask for copies of the standard forms in advance and read them at your leisure. You can then ask for help in clarifying anything that you don’t understand. At the signing you will just need to go over the details of your deal that are filled in on these standard forms.

So, if you’re a bit unsettled about dealing with documents – ask for copies of the forms and consult with your RealtorĀ® or attorney before the closing. Signing the document for the purchase of your new home should be a happy occasion – not an intimidating one!

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