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Are Home Inspections Needed

As a purchaser, money spent on a home inspection is an excellent investment. Due to the increase in lawsuits against sellers who have failed to disclose defects to purchasers, it is now becoming a good idea for sellers to also consider a home inspection.

It is very easy to live in a house and be unaware of a potentially serious problem simmering in the background. If you sell your house and it proves to have a serious defect, ignorance of that defect may not protect you from legal action by the purchasers.

It is not always what you knew and disclosed that is important but also what you should have known. If you have had the property inspected by a qualified Home Inspector and have their report in writing, you will have some protection against legal action. If there are damages to be paid and your inspector is bonded, the inspector may well have to pay the damages.

Ask your RealtorĀ® for the names of qualified home inspectors in your area.

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  1. Realtor Said,

    I think every home needs a home inspection, condo’s are debatable depending on the age of the building…

  2. Paul Said,

    Major Inspection Issues with Condos are plumbing, eletrical and checking for moisture from the upstairs unit…

  3. John Masters Said,

    Interesting stuff here

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