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About Termite Inspections

Providing a termite clearance is a fairly standard requirement of any offer to purchase. The buyer may also require such a clearance before a lending institution will provide funds for the purchase. In order to provide such a clearance you will have to arrange for an inspection by a licensed exterminator. The exterminator will examine your house for evidence of current, or past, infestation. If you had your home treated in the past it may save you some money if you contact the company that did the extermination for you and get the certification from them.

If your house does prove to have a termite problem, get a list of qualified exterminators to find out what type of treatments they offer and the cost of their service. The costs and treatment recommended may vary considerably. It is a good idea to arrange for a termite inspection as soon as you decide to sell your home. You will then have time to have any problem attended to before it may interfere with a potential sale.

Ask your RealtorĀ® for the names of reputable exterminators in your area.

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